• Landing Page Package

    • $50
    • Simple and Impactful
    • Free video background or 1 free HD background image included
    • Example
    • Free content writing*
    • One “one field” form
    • 2 proof method
    • First year mini web hosting for free
    • Domain name at 50% off
    • Sign Up
    • One Page Parallax

    • $100
    • When you have something to say
    • One Page with multiple sections
    • Parallax effect
    • Free stock photography*
    • Free content writing*
    • One form
    • 2 proof method
    • First year web hosting for free
    • Domain name at 50% off
    • sign up
    • Full Website

    • $150
    • A Full Website
    • up to 6 pages
    • One complex form
    • Item Text
    • Two layout templates
    • Free stock photography*
    • Free content writing*
    • One “one field” form
    • 2 proof method
    • First year web hosting for free
    • Domain name included
    • Basic SEO package at 50% off
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Cheap Web Design – How?

How can he do cheap web design without making really crappy websites?

It’s a fair and obvious question.

I have two advantages that others don’t:
First I’ve been making websites since 1995, so I know a lot about making websites quickly.  Further, my long time in the industry this experience has attracted students to me (partly because I pay my students too!). These students are always supervised by me directly and their projects are managed by me as well. Since they are students they don’t cost a lot of money, it’s like a barbers college except, a website isn’t as permanent as a haircut and my students don’t use scissor or razors.


Get Started Today!

Why Choose Us?

Sometimes money is the most important factor.

No one likes it when it happens, but sometimes when you are chasing a dream, you have to do it on a tight budget.

Time is of the Essence

We usually move the entire project through our queue within days, not weeks. Remember that when our competition says something like "Time isn't important as getting it right". Well we can get it right... and do it fast.

It's still got to be right!

Even if it's cheap it's still got to work and say what you want it to say. Here's some of our quality check points:

  • It matches the content you provide us. Except for your typos and grammar mistakes of course.
  • It's Responsive Design. By that we mean it displays correctly on all modern screen sizes from small phones to big TV's.
  • There's no broken links, no errors returned by the browser and it loads fast.

Backed by Texx Smith

It's backed by the experience of Texx Smith, the Einstein of Web Design. He's been creating Websites since 1995 and he personally checks provides input on on every project at the beginning and and reviews it before it's presented to the client.

* Free content writing is based on the content you provide about your business, that we reshape in a web friendly way if you desire. We can't write about your business without doing research which is beyond the scope of cheap web design, but available for purchase. You know more about your business than we ever will.
Free stock photography comes from free sources, which, in this day and age are pretty awesome. If you desire, we can purchase stock photography and pass that cost on to you or you can provide the photos etc.