Because High Quality but Inexpensively Priced Web Design  doesn’t have a nice ring to it….

By focusing on the things that make a web site successful, instead of bells and whistles, you can save a bundle.

We would rather be called inexpensive web design, but we’ve done our research and we see what the small business community is typing in the search engines, so please feel free to call us Cheap Web Design.

We know the economy is tough all over, especially for small businesses. We also know the days of $3000 – $5000 being a reasonable price for a simple web site are long gone. Well, now there’s great news for small to medium businesses. We’ve created several economy web design packages. The goal is the same for all, to give you a professional web site, that says what you want it to say at a rock bottom price. As a bonus we’ll provide our basic SEO package for no additional price. Not because it doesn’t require a lot of effort or it isn’t extremely valuable, because it is. We provide this free bonus because the search engines are so critical to the success of any web site.

What’s the catch?

It’s not a catch but you’re a smart person, you know you’ll have to give something up to get a custom designed web site at this price. We like that you’re smart and we won’t try to mislead you. What you’ll give up is some of the service that traditional full service web design entails. We’ll still speak to you kindly, we’ll still answer your questions, but our process has taken out many of the steps that the full service web design process provides.

Still more service than others

We are so confident that you’ll find more service, that we list our process publicly.  We’re proud of our offerings.  We wish to develop long term relationships with clients so if our process doesn’t offer enough for you, then please consider  the traditional web design and internet marketing services that we’ve been providing since 1995.  You can always start with the cheap web design packages and then switch to full service any time you’d like.