The perfect basic web site

Even with the lowest of budgets we can get your business online and recognized by the search engine. By focusing on providing only the things that are absolutely necessary for a web presence to be successful we can save you lots of money and still give you a reasonable chance of success at ranking well in the search engines. Thus building traffic to your web site.

Here’s what you get for $250:

  • A professional designed template
  • 3 pages
    • One of which can be a professionally developed contact form with our in house “Stop Form Spam” script to eliminate people from using your contact form to:
      • Send you spam directly
      • “Harvest” the e-mail address form the form to sell to spammers
      • Using your form to send spam to millions of others, getting you in lots of trouble!
  • 1 year of free web hosting
    • No contract to purchase in the future, competitive pricing in the future.
    • Yup, that comes with 3 e-mail addresses that end in your own domain name.
  • Basic SEO Package for free!
    • We don’t throw this in because it’s cheap or not very value able. Our basic SEO package is critical to success of a web site. Without it the search engines are NOT going to rank very high, if at all in the search engines and it’s going to take much longer than with this service.
    • Sometimes this service is all you need to rank well in the search engines. For the most part this is just a jump start on more vigorous campaign. If you have a tougher to rank key phrase in mind, you really should look into our Advanced SEO Packages. We have a solid track record of success.