WordPress is an excellent way for small businesses to have a great looking, easy to use web site that you can add or edit their your content. In the end it seems like this should be even more expensive than a regular web site and at our competition, it is.

However for a limited time, we offer WordPress installs for only $555 each. $555 gets you:

  • A custom WordPress graphical layout (template)
  • Web Hosting (with data base hosting as well), for 1 year
  • The WordPress application itself (it’s always free!) with lots of features like:
    • Self updating navigation
    • Search engine friendly URL’s.
  • Install of WordPress
    • Install and configure several WordPress utilities for security, SEO, and backup – for FREE
  • Initial content added. We’ll add up to twelve pages of your content for you at the time of install.
    • To get the special price we will not wait on content. It’s so easy for the client to manage pages and the content on them with no web design skill what so ever, we’ll just put the up the site and let you run with it. If however your content is ready when we are, we’ll add it to get you started.
  • WordPress is easy to learn, to make it even easier we have training materials (like videos and step by steps) and offer limited  technical support.

How we do WordPress cheaper and better:

  • Our streamlined process is especially powerful when applied to WordPress web sites. Not just blogs. We can set up your WordPress installation (for free), that of a traditional web site, except you can add or edit pages any time you want with an excellent, easy to use MS Word like interface. Every time you create a new page, the navigation (link and buttons) is changed across the site automatically. This means no design fees in the future. It also means when we add your existing content to a new web site on the initial build, that there is much less time we have to dedicate to updating the navigation through out the web site.
  • The self updating navigation. This saves us considerable amount of time in the initial build. We don’t have to create new buttons for every page. We just create one button and WordPress changes the text.
  • Less waiting on the client. Our team can go go go! The only thing we need your input on is the graphical layout. Since you can add you’re content when ever you want so easily, we don’t have to wait for your content. Less waiting means higher turnover of accounts and that means we can charge less.