Step by Step

Our web design process is one of our secrets to high quality web design and low prices. It provides efficiency for us and a more authentic message for you, while still ensuring that the site designs are of professional quality. While we would like to hide the back end processes from our competition, here’s the forward facing aspects:

  • You contact us, together we determine which package you’d like.
  • We send an invoice for the package and extras (if any) you requested.
    • We don’t try to upsell you.
    • You can add more services or upgrade your package at any time, or not.
  • Once payment is received, we send a questionnaire gathering information about what you want in a web site.
    • Within 48 hours we’ll present the first phase of our Basic SEO package, the research. It shows you the key phrases that people are typing in to the search engines.
      • It’s important that we do this work and send you the results quickly as you should include the  #1 key phrase you’d like to pursue in your text (sparingly), especially in the headings and/or titles.
    • Then you begin writing the text (we recommend using terms from the SEO report), for your web pages, gathering image files and logo files at this time if you haven’t already.
    • Choose and purchase a domain name. We recommend you use the research provided above, as your domain name is the single most important piece of SEO you can buy. We recommend You can purchase a domain name through us if you’d like.
  • We’ll begin the graphical portion of the design using our 2 proof system.
  • After approval of a proof, we’ll add your content (text, logos, images, video, etc.).
  • We implement our Basic SEO Package.
  • We’ll present this to you for final approval.
  • When approved, we’ll upload it onto the internet.

Sometimes you need more service than what’s listed above.  We understand.  Sometimes we can just add a service to our plan for a small additional fee, other times we refer you to our full service offerings we’ve been performing since 1995 at St Petersburg Web Design.