The 2 Proof system

2 is always better than 1!

2 is always better than 1!

Art is a subjective thing that can be hard to communicate properly. We make a lot of effort to make a graphical layout that is just as you’ve envisioned, works great in all modern web browsers and draws attention to the points that you want it to. We’ve been doing this for a long time and our designers have a lot of training so we’re pretty successful at nailing what the customer wanted the first time. Our 2 proof system works two different ways, one way for those who have a good idea of what they want and another for those who really just don’t. Of course you are the boss and are free to chose whichever method you prefer.

Here’s the details:

The 2 Proof system – Details

  • For those who don’t really know what they want in a graphical layout:
    • We take the info you provide us and make 2 layouts
    • You choose one
      • Clients often want small changes to a layout such as changing the color of some text here, making something right aligned instead of left etc. We’ll make those changes too!
  • For those who do have a good idea of what they want:
    • We collect as much info as we can about your ideas and then use this info to make one layout that’s as close as possible to what you envisioned.
    • We then gather feedback from you. Our designers are really good at nailing it the first time, but small tweaks at this stage are not uncommon either.
    • Maybe we were off the mark. It’s rare but it happens. In that case we’ll use your original input and your feedback from the first proof to make a second proof. We’ll still tweak it if it needs it.

What if I’m still not satisfied at this point?

This is really rare but sometimes people change their mind after we’ve done our work. We’ll give you discounted rates on as many proofs as needed to get the web site exactly as you want.