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We get this questions asked fairly often.  Can you make that layout for WordPress?  Can you make a theme for Joomla?  We’ve been asked about every Content Management System  (CMS) out there at on  point or another.

Keeping in mind that CheapWebDesign1.com is just a branch of our full service St Petersburg Web Design company, the short answer is:

We can support any Content Management System, even if it’s 100% custom built by someone else.

However this answer could be a bit misleading if you were wanting to stay within the realm of our inexpensive web design services.  so we’ll get really specific for you.  Before hearing about the specifics of your project we are certain we can support the following platforms with our cheap web design process:

  • WordPress – recommended!
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • DotNetNuke (not recommended *)

What do we mean by “support”?

We go beyond just making a graphical layout for these CMS’s.  We also will install them and add some security enhancements for free.  Not all the CMS’s have the features and ease of use as does WordPress so we can’t say that the design package will be the same as our Cheap WordPress Design Package, but we’ll get it as close as we can.

This means we will, at the least:

  • Install it on our server or yours (if it’s compatible) for free
  • Create a basic configuration
  • Provide web hosting for one year for free (on our servers)
    • Reasonable rates per year after that
  • Provide free web hosting (on our servers),  for one year
    • Reasonable per year rates after that

Reasonable rates on more comprehensive service are available.

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