One of the key reasons we can make high quality web sites so inexpensively is that we skip the bells and whistles. These bells and whistles can be quite helpful when it comes to converting readers into buyers and for attracting links to your web site. When it comes to web design we can do anything that can be done and many things that can’t. The below list is a few things I thought our cheap web design clients might be interested in. If you are curious about something that’s not on the list below, just ask.

  • Image slide show

    Some bells and whistles are cheap!

    • (Flash or jQuery based)
  • Flash (animated) header
  • Content Writing
  • Custom graphics
  • Add Twitter Feed to a page
  • Add a Facebook like button
  • Other Flash animation
  • Add a video
  • Photo galleries
  • Advanced SEO Package
  • High quality stock photography for cheap, sometimes free (for clients only)!

Most of these are available to everyone, even if we didn’t make your web site.